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Thank you To Every One who has tasted and recommended our LA JUN Tea to their friends. 

We value our customers, their feedback and support and love to hear from you!


Mark Hinsley

It's Refreshing, it tastes Great, and its Healthy. What more could you want? Cheers for a Great Drink!

Salvador Jose Rodriguez

"Hola Amigos. I got in my hands something the whole world will benefit from today!...La JunTea! Is here Now. Follow your inner voice and bathe in divine delicious love daily-not only because you deserve it but because you've been waiting to hear your own inner voice and feel your passion! If you've been looking for something healthy for yourself, here's a potion that honestly works. Being super life active in my restaurant and events I've been looking for something that works and is good for me. L.A.JUNTea is the answer and lots of my clients and friends are jumping on it.

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